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Content Marketing is important.

In the industry, we know this, and as consumers, we see it even more clearly. WhiteLinko content marketing services will help your brand get noticed. We love nothing more than creative ideas and producing content that delivers top to bottom. Whitelinko content marketing services can help you create bigger and better campaigns that go beyond just blog posts and website copy.

The content we create includes interactives, social media assets, calculators, infographics, guides, video content, photography, mini-sites, research reports, and much more.

Whitelinko content marketing agency excels because of solid research platforms, strategic alignments, executions, outreach, and performance analysis that ensures your content reaches the right audience(s) and effectively positions it as a competitive advantage.

A successful sales strategy has always included content marketing since marketing has been a science. It has taken many forms in the past years, including word-of-mouth, storytelling, infographics, video blogs, and memes, but it always remained the same: building a target audience by meeting their needs.

It does not matter which marketing landscape or type of content you use. The principle behind good content marketing is seamless: high-quality content attracts new users, enlightens them, and engages them in a meaningful way. Gaining visibility on the market, establishing your authority, nurturing your audience, and increasing conversions are all long-term strategies.

Content marketing is guaranteed to succeed if done correctly. If ignored or omitted from your marketing strategy, it will undoubtedly hurt your sales performance. In the end, it is not a question of if but when.

You must Know

Content Marketing

How to develop a content marketing strategy

The value of content marketing lies in its ability to drive brand awareness and foster your target audiences, so we put together a guide to help you better understand how to build a content strategy that works for both audiences and businesses.

Why is content marketing so important?

People love good quality, fresh content that meets their needs. Google values it for the very same reasons and rewards it with higher rankings.

Content is at the heart of Google’s user experience, so you need to focus on creating valuable, shareable, authoritative and credible content that gets quoted, and likeable that goes viral. Not only must you provide people with content that meets their needs, but you also have to exceed their expectations.

what are the benefits?

Content marketing is a proven strategy for generating new leads, creating brand awareness, securing new customers, and acquiring the right target audiences.

You must have strong content if you hope to get top SERP listings, more visibility, increased traffic, or increased sales from digital marketing. Are you hoping for more sales?

How to use content marketing to grow your business in 2021?

 Due to the Google core web vitals update expected this year, content becomes more important than ever for search visibility, positioning strategy in SERPs, and user engagement.

         Writing good content and earning links these days does not come easily, but even if you decide to invest in professional content marketing services, you still have to work to make it a success. Some people even claim that content marketing is the only marketing you should do. How do you even start without a content strategy?

Using content strategy to meet your goals  

  • Become the expert: To reach top organic results and high authority in your industry, you need a content strategy that enables you to speak as an authority.

  • Your audience needs to be educated: Instead of continually pitching to your customers, you can answer their questions in the most effective way. When you help them, you earn their loyalty and advertise your business.

  • Develop brand awareness: Writing content that is valuable for your readers solves their problems and attracts more links and visitors.

  • Create content: Almost all companies lack time and resources to create quality content. There is also the impression that not enough interesting content can be created around your brand. The digital marketing world is complex enough for an audience to crave fresh information, regardless of the industry.

  • Focus on your customers’ needs: Your brand’s perception matters, and how you position yourself in your industry matters as well. Therefore, planning your content creation and distribution is crucial to preventing your competitors from exploiting your audience’s queries.


What you need to do to start your own content marketing ?

When creating a content marketing strategy, many factors are considered, and an inexperienced marketer might find it slow. Here are a few steps you can take if you are starting from scratch:

  • Analyze your content and SEO performance: What results do you get, and where do you need to improve to be helpful to your audience?

  • Decide what your business goals are: what do you want to accomplish?

  • Establish a workflow: who is responsible for content research, editing, publishing, pitching, social media sharing, etc.

  • Calculate a content calendar: what topics will be covered, when, and which content type will be helpful to reach your goals?

  • Decide on your KPIs for success: what do you look for?

  • Identify what your audience is most interested in: what topics do they find interesting?

  • Discover the right phrases through keyword research: what keywords and queries do they use in their research?

  • How will your audience find your information? Where do they go to get it?

  • How do you choose the best channel for link building? Pitch or publish: do you use social media or blogging? Do you have a website of your own?

  • Analyzing and reporting: measuring results. Do you know how well your content performed?

  • Repeat the process of evaluating your past successes and future goals


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