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Local Search Engine Optimisation

WhiteLinko is a multi-disciplined digital marketing agency that helps you become a hometown hero with expert knowledge and friendly touch bringing business to you. Get to know how Google works with local sites to guide local SEO and begin optimising your business website for local search results.

Getting your business found in these search results comes down to mastering Google My Business and understanding search engine optimisation (SEO). This is where WhiteLinko can help.

Local trade and attention are essential for any business. 46% of searches today are local, meaning that almost half of all online shoppers are looking to spend their money locally. Our local SEO services not only give your page a competitive edge for location-based searches but can also help it rank for non-local searches as well. Local SEO will be most effective for businesses offering products or services to customers within a limited geographic area. Our company has extensive experience working with local businesses. We target keywords relevant to your website and highly searched by local searchers in our local SEO strategies. For the search results to beat your local competitors, you need to develop a localised SEO strategy.

We WhiteLinko are specialised in Local SEO, which will reach a highly relevant, local audience and increase organic traffic to your website. SEO on a local scale means local SEO. This industry-focused campaign is no less important or less time-consuming than a more traditional, broader SEO campaign, merely because it is targeted at a smaller population.

The majority of commerce now takes place on the web, so your online footprint is just as important as your physical location. Using local SEO effectively boosts your organisation’s online visibility so that searchers and leads are constantly in contact with your areas, products, and services. Local SEO means being everywhere you need to be at the same time – at the same time as your local customers.

To increase your visibility locally, we have outlined a few key points:

Google My Business

Website Optimisation

Link Building

Google My Business

As local SEO experts, WhiteLinko utilise Google My Business to increase your brand’s online visibility and consistency. With the right first impression and making sure your contact details, reviews, and posts can be indexed by Google. WhiteLinko can help create the perfect first impression on a search. The team knows how to read the tool’s insights, too, so that we can make sure your business adapts to the changing online market appropriately.

You need to optimise for Google My Business if you want to be a leader in this burgeoning arms race. Google My Business is an evolving entity that is constantly evolving. The website has evolved from a simple business information site to become a hub of helpful content, ranging from menus to allergy information and blog posts. A well-managed and well-optimised website will benefit your ranking in SERPs and help your users.

Website Optimization

 When optimising your website for local SEO, be sure your site accurately describes and communicates your business’s local profile. WhiteLinko can help you get your site to appear in local searches by using local keyword research and ensuring your contact and address information is displayed properly. When you optimise your website for Google, you can make sure that the search engine recognises where you are on Google maps so that you can connect with those who matter: your customers.

Link Building

Your business’s foundation is built on building local links through SEO. In the same way, people talk and link your website offline, and you want people to connect to and talk about your website online. In addition to our local SEO services, WhiteLinko offers link buidling servies to help clients find opportunities and avenues for building quality local links.

The numerous contacts we have across the world can help you build local links anywhere, building trust in any domain. In addition to providing you with transparent links, we also create and augment content that will make you popular locally, both in organic search results and in links.

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Our Local SEO Services Include:

Schema Markup

A schema gives search engines information about you, your location, and your products or services. WhiteLinko offer a comprehensive Schema markup review and implementation service.

Technical SEO

Local SEO is part of our technical SEO services. Local, national, and international SEO, mobile friendliness, user experience, and page speed are all factors that affect organic ranking. We ensure that your website is crawled and indexed properly. Our technical SEO audit cover all technical details and all essential topics.

Local SEO keyword research

SEO for local search involves covering the right topics, including the right keywords, and matching the content to what users are looking for. WhiteLinko carry out keyword research that covers your entire potential market. Your local SEO will fully reach your local target audience through keyword research. The location is not just added at the end of a search. Even if a user does not include the desired location in the search query, search results can be influenced by their location.

WhiteLinko offers keyword research services using the most advanced tracking software available, so we can monitor them in multiple locations while notifying you of localised terms. Researching local SEO keywords is a “one-and-done” process. But that doesn’t mean local searches don’t involve keywords. The first thing you need to get started is a small list of keywords people use to search your local business. 

Content optimisation

Local rankings depend heavily on on-site signals—the location of your business matters to Google’s users. WhiteLinko can help you ensure that Google understands your business and location details. As a result, you can be relevant to local customers. For example, you are ensuring that your NAP (Name Address & Phone Number) matches those in business directories and Google My Business listings. All your website’s location pages will be reviewed and optimised, as well as your website as a whole.

Local backlink building & local outreach

Search engine optimisation has always included backlinks. SEO for local businesses is no different. Local listings in trusted media outlets are a great way to let Google know where you are. Our professional digital PR & outreach services will get you noticed in the places that matter. 

Our Local SEO services Focus on providing

  • Optimisation of your website and landing pages to be localised.
  • Local listings on Google Places.
  • Establishing your Google My Business account and optimising it for local search.
  • Create localised content and online reviews.
  • Links from suppliers and affiliates linked to your business.
  • Local directory placements optimised.

Choose the right Digital marketing company for your website today, choose WhiteLinko.