Email Marketing

Email has the ability many channels don’t: creating value and personal touches – at scale.

But does everyone has the ability to touch the emotion through email personally? The obvious answer is No! However, we can convert this No into a Yes by enabling you to generate new sales leads and improve your content marketing strategy.

Whether you are searching for ways to automate your email marketing, maximize results from email marketing, or overhaul your email outreach, Whitelinko does it all. In addition, we help you design an unmatched and development-oriented plan to boost your struggling sales successfully.

We at Whitelinko leave no stone unturned in providing highly customizable email marketing services. Moreover, the target market is the world, with micro attention to the Australian population, thus broadening outreach and condensing a real audience.

Our privilege is to provide you with an email marketing database convertible into targeted digital strategies. Besides all these impeccable offerings, we are affordable. We have customized plans to meet the requirements of our esteemed clients.

In this article, we will introduce you to our email marketing packages, features, and services of Whitelinko. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Why an Email Marketing Campaign?       

Email marketing campaigns are the best way to reach the mass population through a single click. You can easily nurture leads and retain existing customers.

You can stay on top of the mind of your potential clients by directly reaching out to their boxes. We at WhiteLinko have expert writers who can generate fresh and organic content. We have a database of individuals and corporates, which can boost your product or services if targeted with the right action plan.

Please scroll down to discover what we offer to our clients.

  1. Targeted Email Marketing 

At WhiteLinko, we conduct thorough research on your current and potential clients to ensure the right content is in place. The study helps us to understand the likes and dislikes of the target customer base, which drives our email content. It is vital to get handsome responses.

Moreover, Whitelinko offers highly customizable content, bearing the qualities of an excellent response rate. By incorporating user experience designs, engaging subject lines, rich media, and an expert CTA, you can increase your open, click-through, and feedback rates.

  1. Automated Emails

In addition to coordinating targeted emails, the WhiteLinko team can sync your existing customer data with your customer management system. It eases sending emails to hundreds of clients and keeping a record. Automatic replies are then used to keep potential clients interested.

Such automated communication requires the least human involvement yet yields a high click-through rate.

  1. Smart Segmentation

WhiteLinko helps you smartly engage with your target audience. Smart segmentation targets your smaller subset of contacts, thus improving customizability and generating high sales.

  1. Drip Email Campaigns

Drip emails enhance outreach by serving as a follow-up for the initial email. Drip emails are ideally ranging from new email subscribers to general brand awareness. Furthermore, it helps to effective create multiple digital touchpoints.

WhiteLinko can develop and manage drip email campaigns to keep clients interested and focused on your brand.

  1. Send Time Optimization

An email sent at an off time will yield nothing. So, sending emails at the right time with a high active customer ratio is essential for any email marketing campaign to make its mark.

WhiteLinko’s AI-powered system maximizes engagement by triggering emails at the perfect time. Alternatively, you can schedule your email time to manage time zone differences effectively.

  1. Client Optimization and Monitoring

We monitor outgoing emails through our delivery mail engines. It helps to ensure that emails perfectly land in the target audience’s inboxes and that no email is bounced back due to an invalid email address.

Meanwhile, our hunting team keeps on updating our client database. Subsequently, keeping the project active and touching new cliental base.

  1. Real-time Reports

A dashboard providing deeper insights enabling intelligent decisions is essential for a successful marketing campaign.

Whitelinko offers a versatile platform enabling our clients to review where their efforts are heading. It helps you re-design or modifies your plans according to real-time outcomes instead of waiting for months.

  1. B2B Strategies

Usually, email marketing is considered a B2C marketing strategy. However, it is equally essential for running B2B campaigns as well. Very few enterprises opt for email marketing, but we know it better.

Whitelinko can reach out to specific businesses and decision-makers, thus helping you generate bulk leads and drive sales to corporations. So, why limit to single-unit sales when you can hit the jackpot?

How does Whitelinko provide Email Marketing Services?

If you are wondering how to get in touch with us to make your email marketing reach its climax, do not worry. Please get in touch with our customer support team, who are always up and waiting to interact with you.

We even offer a free consultation with our email marketing expert or send a pricing request to kickstart your successful marketing campaign.

Just follow the below steps, and voila, here we are.

  • Please select a plan: We have flexible plans to meet your requirements. Make a selection from a Free, Lite, Premium, or Enterprise account based on your needs. Furthermore, if you still are undecided, reach out to us, and we will design a package to meet your requirements.

Each plan has deliverable limitations.

  • Provide details about your brand: After plan selection, you are required to provide details about your brand. If you have any existing email marketing strategy, do share it with us. It will help us better understand your mission and vision, thus designing plans accordingly.
  • Strategy Designing: Our experts will sit with your marketing team and mutually develop an email marketing strategy after studying your brand. The collaboration is crucial for us to understand and plan accordingly. 
  • Approvals & Kickstart: Once you approve our plan, we will kickstart the campaign. You can closely monitor the results through our dashboard, offering reach, click, and response ratios.

Once we are on the road, you need nothing but to sit back, relax and enjoy your coffee. Our team will ensure the best outcome.

  • White label Report: Upon completing the campaign, we will provide you with a detailed report with timelines and deliverables.

At Whitelinko, we always deliver what we promise.

Last Words

You have to experience it to believe it.

Whitelinko is professional, dedicated, innovative, and courageous and knows how to do it well. Whether it is boundary-specific or the entire world, we have the resources to develop highly customizable email outreach strategies. You can quickly increase your click-through ratio. You are resultantly growing your leads and business.

In addition, we believe in long-term solutions with relatively quick hits. Thus, keeping your top of the chart for more extended periods. All you need is to contact us, choose your plan, and bingo! Your business becomes ours, and our team ensures that you achieve desired results in the shortest possible time.