Email Marketing

Email has the ability many channels don’t: creating value and personal touches – at scale.

From offering high-quality blogs to do-follow links, Whitelinko is sparing no effort to elevate your business. Moreover, you can find audiences from any region or country here. Consequently, for Australian traffic, you will easily avail a real audience at Whitelinko.

It also generates white hat links with the bare minimum peculiarity. What’s more good than Whitelinko guest post services that are affordable but reliable too? In this article, we will describe the guest post packages, services, and features of Whitelinko. Let’s delve into the details next.

Why an Email Marketing Campaign?       

Email marketing campaigns are the best way to reach the mass population through a single click. You can easily nurture leads and retain existing customers.

You can stay on top of the mind of your potential clients by directly reaching out to their boxes. We at WhiteLinko have expert writers who can generate fresh and organic content. We have a database of individuals and corporates, which can boost your product or services if targeted with the right action plan.

Please scroll down to discover what we offer to our clients.

Providing captivating content:

Whiteline is turning no stone to provide clients with high-end services. One of these includes appealing content for blog posts. It is important since quality content won’t fail to attract a handsome audience.

Moreover, Whitelinko ensures to deliver you well-researched blogs that are not only trendy but engaging also. As a result, the captivating content will draw the attention of the audience, which in return will be helpful for your business. 

Creating niche-related Backlinks:

Another significant service that Whitelinko offers is access to niche-related backlinks. To get real-time customers either from the traffic or elsewhere is inevitable. Although creating niche-relevant backlinks is way more complex and time-consuming, for Whitelinko, it is not.

Because it caters to providing these backlinks that differentiate your website from the rest, also, this will make your webpage stand out on the search engine result page and users’ search queries. The long and short is this website will work on niche-relevant backlinks to generate targeted traffic as well as clients for your webpage in no time.

White hat links:

Afterward comes the White hat links, a unique feature that Whitelinko offers. Firstly, these links are built from guest postings. The process requires a plethora of work, including manual outreach,  keyword stuffing, backlink generating, content spinning, and much more. However, it makes everything easy peasy for you.

It means you won’t have to indulge in tons of working on white hat links, and the website will provide it. From building domain-relevant backlinks to increasing organic search ranking and getting inbound links, Whitelinko fits the bill aptly. In short, instead of offering Black hat links that are short-term and irrelevant, it provides you with reliable ones.

Australian outreach programs:

The most indelible service is none other than the Australian outreach services. If your target country is Australia and you have no idea of increasing traffic or building backlinks, then you better go for Whitelinko.

Through its high-performance features, you can get quality backlinks from Australia. Moreover, whether it’s niche-related content or getting an Australian audience, the Australllllain outreach services withhold everything evenly. The team contacts well-known Australian bloggers to publish the blog post.

The cost for the Australian guest posting is affordable. By Local Australian guest post services, you will avail country-specific traffic. Besides, you can also erode your business globally with Whitelinko international services.

Special discounts:

Whiteline offers special discounts to clients. Despite the budget-friendly pricing plans, this platform delivers guest posting services to all. On that account, you can get a good discount for large-scale orders.

Since the consultation is free, you can get suggestions from the Whitelinko team about the best backlink sites.

 By contacting Australian bloggers, we secure the lowest prices for guest posts that include quality Australian backlinks. In conclusion, Whitelinko is the town’s best cost-effective guest post service provider.

SEO optimization:

To improve the SEO of your website, Whitelinko is striving to do its best. Since the significance of domain authority in SEO is indispensable, the experts provide you with valuable posts or links to feature on high domain authority blogs. Meanwhile, the once-off investment ensures permanent guest posts leveraging the audience.

 Also, among various SEO agencies, Whitelinko is the efficient one. Because it offers high-performance content along with do-follow backlinks, summing it up, this guest post service provider will be giving various SEO advantages like high SEO ranking, authority, credibility, and high targeted traffic for blogging businesses.

How does Whitelinko provide guest posting services?

Why not give a shot to premium guest post services in Australia? All hands down to the Whitelinko guest posting services that take your website to the next level. Do you want to avail of these services and are unsure how to proceed? Don’t worry; we are here for you. We have come up with a comprehensive guide on how to get Whitelinko guest post services. Follow the instructions mentioned next.

  • Select a plan: First, you must select a guest post service plan since there are various packages you can choose from the day-wise plan to the number of posts. In this way, for someone, day-wise plans are more feasible, including 20,25,30, and 40 plus premium plans. Meanwhile, others may go for the number of posts, including 5 or 10 guest posts. Hence, you have to choose the desired plan for further procedure.  
  • Provide relevant keywords: Afterward, you must give the keywords for the relevant blog post. In turn, this will be helpful to drive the audience towards your site. The team will also guide you in searching for suitable anchors.
  • Web page URLs: You must also provide Whitelinko with the website’s URLs. For better results, the experts can suggest better URLs that most web servers accept. By doing so, the post will look more professional.
  • Backlink details: Then, you have to share the backlink details too. Nothing is hard and fast; you can add it along with the other links. Since Whitelinko will provide trending and catchy content related to your niche, backlinks are the key to making the blog posts rank well.   
  • Deal with the publisher: The most vital step is to deal with the publisher. For that, you have to relax and let it be on the shoulders of Whitelinko experts. The veteran team hunts for professional publishers in the market. In the case of country-specific guest posting services like Australia guest posting, you’ll get publishers from the same region. After that, the experts deal with the bloggers to publish quality in-content blogs.
  • Publishing of the content: The Whitelinko team checks for quality or niche relevance as soon as the publishers write the content. Then, the content is sent out for publishing. Here the publishers aim to publish the content timely with intact do-follow links.
  • White label report: Last but not least is the white label report. Thus, it allows the client to own the blog posts. After completion of the content, Whitelinko delivers an in-depth report regarding the guest posts. It means the content belongs to the specific clients, and he/she owns all the content rights.  


In concluding the discourse, Whitelinko is undoubtedly the most optimal guest post service provider. With an extraordinary team of professionals, you’ll get premium quality guest posts for your website. Whether you’re into country-specific content or not, it will deliver what plagiarized-free content you look forward to. Further, this platform is the best of all to boost your website’s traffic. Resultantly, your business will become pervasive. All you have to do is to choose any plan from Whitelinko and get the desirable results. Most importantly, this platform offers white hat links, which are not only long-term but better than the black hat ones. It will rank your website in global search engines like Google, Dogpile, and Microsoft Bing.


You select the site(s) on which you want your link featured and send us your URL and desired anchor text. Then we reach out to the webmaster to confirm your content topic will be accepted. Once we receive confirmation and can guarantee placement, we will send you an invoice.

We then create a niche relevant article with your link and submit it to the webmaster. Once the article is posted, we send you the live URL where it’s located.

We block the website URLs for new users to protect our database from the big G and people looking to steal our list.

We understand many agencies may require to see URLs before ordering. For this reason, for our regular customers, we will share URLs to ensure the website meets their qualifications before they place an order.

Please email if you would like more information.

Our links are about as safe as you can get. We create niche relevant articles and frame content so that from Google’s perspective, the webmaster wrote a relevant article and chose to link to your website since it’s a relevant resource.

Yes. We offer discounts on a case-by-case basis on bulk orders and would be happy to shower you with discounts. Email to see what we can do for you!

No. All of the websites on our platform are REAL websites with REAL traffic. We take extreme precautions to ensure all websites we promote are real authority sites…

Our process looks like this:

– We first check each site in the Wayback Machine to ensure it’s never been dropped or expired and re-registered.

– We check the traffic the site is getting via Ahrefs and SimilarWeb to ensure it’s getting organic search traffic.

– We analyze the backlinks of each domain to ensure there aren’t many deleted backlinks and to ensure each website has a strong backlink profile (link juice).

No. All the links are placed within a niche relevant article and normally on an inner page. However, many websites/blogs on the platform will feature the posts on their homepage.

Yes. We made this service with agencies in mind. All the links we sell are placed on high authority websites and will look great if shown to your clients. We highly recommend showing our link placements to impress your clients.

Since we don’t own any of the websites on our platform, we can’t guarantee a specific turnaround time. However, most orders are completed within 7-10 days after the invoice is paid. A-list premium editorial links, on the other hand, are completed within 4-6 weeks after the invoice is paid.

Since all of the websites we have access to are real English websites, linking to foreign websites can be tricky. If you have a request for foreign websites, please email

Yes. We work with many agencies and companies, managing small and large link-building campaigns. To speak with us about custom outreach campaigns / white label link building, please email

We currently only accept Paypal. Once we can guarantee link placement for your order, we will send you an invoice via Paypal.

Our links should remain live permanently for the lifetime of the site and should never be removed. We’re so confident that we are offering a 365-day money-back guarantee.

If your link is removed for whatever reason within a year and we’re not successful in getting it live again, we will arrange a replacement free of charge or a refund for the full purchase price. If it’s been over a year and removed, we will do our best to reach out and ask the webmaster to re-post the article. Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal.

Yes, all the websites on our platform offer do-follow links. We don’t sell no-follow links, only do-follow.

No blog post is ever sponsored and will not state it’s sponsored on the content anywhere! No author boxes.

Yes. However, Whitelinko will refund you anything minus costs incurred by us.